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Today we suggest you talk about the psychologists of the kindergarten and consider in more detail what this specialist does.

What does a kindergarten psychologist do?

Some 20-30 years ago it was generally accepted in our country that only those people who have certain mental health problems turn to psychologists. And all because in the days of the Soviet Union, the townsfolk did not even suspect the existence of such a thing as a “psychologist”. In those days, people knew only about psychiatrists, and were terribly afraid of being “in the chair” with such a specialist.

Moreover, even today, many people mistakenly confuse a psychologist with a psychiatrist. And there are many such people. And if someone advises someone to go to a consultation with a psychologist, then most (especially people of the “old school”) perceives such advice as a personal insult. And if, nevertheless, a person follows the advice and goes to see a specialist, then he expects from him some diagnoses and even treatment.

It must be clarified that the psychologist is not a specialist in psychiatry, and he does not have a special medical education. The psychologist only understands human psychology and helps his clients (and not patients!) Identify the root cause of psychological problems (for example, gambling, death of a loved one, problems in family relationships, age problems, etc.), and also gives recommendations on way out of crisis situations.

By the way, “universal” psychologists do not exist, since each specialist is a “pro” in only one or two areas of human life: a family psychologist, a pedagogical psychologist, a school psychologist, a kindergarten psychologist, etc.

Today we suggest you talk about the psychologists of the kindergarten and consider in more detail what this specialist does.


In his work, a kindergarten psychologist is faced mainly with the diagnosis and correction of behavioral and age-related problems of children, as well as counseling parents and employees of a preschool institution. Parents turn to these specialists, as a rule, in cases where:

A kindergarten psychologist conducted a planned diagnostic work with the child, and parents want to know the results of this work.
Based on monitoring the behavior of the child in the group, the kindergarten teacher recommended that parents consult a psychologist.
Parents encountered difficulties in raising their child, and independently realized the need for consultation with a specialist who will tell you what to do next in order to smooth out the emerging conflict or understand the behavioral manifestations of the baby.
Let’s take a closer look at what a psychologist is doing in a kindergarten.

In modern kindergartens, classes are held under the education and training program, which was approved by the Ministry of Education for the coming years. That is, all classes in the garden are structured and conducted on the basis of the requirements for the level of knowledge by age categories of children. Say, by three years old, children should know the colors and understand what “more” and “less” are, and by six they should be able to count to 20, solve simple examples of adding and subtracting, and understand well how a vowel differs from a consonant – This is the level you need to go to school.

The psychologist’s task is to identify children who for some reason cannot master the level set in this age group. To do this, the specialist uses special diagnostic techniques to compare the knowledge and skills acquired by each child with the average standards, and to determine the circle of lagging children and children who have mastered at the proper level everything that is required at their age.

All of the above applies to the cognitive field of the psychologist. At this level, the specialist diagnoses cognitive processes such as memory, attention, thinking, perception, and so on.


Children who, for whatever reason, have poorly mastered the materials needed at their age, need additional, corrective work. Such work is always carried out according to special techniques individually with each child or in a group with other children. having similar problems.

Correction is also carried out with those children who possess properties that are different from the children of their age group, such as aggressiveness, anxiety, excessive emotionality, or a low level of emotions.

Indeed, in each team there are children who, according to some parameters, stand out from the group of others. Some are too energetic, others, on the contrary, are very quiet and absolutely do not require attention from peers or an adult. Some of the children are aggressive, someone has suppressed emotions or too bright emotional fullness (while the child is not able to independently master his emotions).

The psychologist’s task is to identify such children and conduct regular corrective work with them. Specialist helps in this.

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